Elizabeth Winstead “Kicks the Most Ass” in “The Thing”

Getty Images

Liz Winstead, star of the criminally under-performing "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," has promised that she will smite many an alien invader in the upcoming prequel to John Carpenter's "The Thing."

"I'm very badass... I'm killing aliens with a flamethrower and just, like, kicking all sorts of alien ass," she assured Empire during an interview filmed at ComicCon.

It's a testament to how great Carpenter's 1982 film is that only stone-cold nerds ever talk about the 1951 film "The Thing That Came From Another Planet," starring James "Gunsmoke" Arness as the half-man, half-carrot terrorizing the North Pole.

And as much as we're a bit distressed by the idea of yet another reboot/remake/retooling/re-whatever, we love Winstead and her "Thing" co-star Joel Edgerton.

If you haven't yet seen Winstead in "Scott Pilgrim," do so. And if you missed Edgerton in "Animal Kingdom" or "The Square," right those wrongs as well, they're both excellent crime dramas.

"The Thing" will be here April 29.

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