CATFIGHT! CBS Prepares A “View” Competitor

Have you ever watched “The View” and thought to yourself, “Boy, I wish I could watch women arguing on more than one channel?" Well, you are in luck. It seems CBS took a look at Elizabeth Hasselbeck spouting off conservative ideology, Whoopi Goldberg saying nice things about celebrity friends, and Sherri Sheppard explaining why the Earth is flat, and decided they wanted a piece of the action. The network has announced plans for its own daytime talk show. With SIX female panelists. That’s right. SIX! It’s the Gillette Fusion Razor of female daytime talk shows. Take that, Baba Wawa! From Lynette Rice at EW:

CBS has announced it has ordered a new daytime talk show co-hosted by Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, and Marissa Jaret Winokur for the upcoming fall season. The format of the show will resemble The View, with the co-hosts discussing various current events but from a motherhood point of view, CBS says. All of the hosts have children who range in age from infants to adults.

Rice says this CBS version of “The View” will replace the venerable soap opera “As The World Turns.” She also notes that a mom-centric version of “The View” was attempted once before with Kate Gosselin and Paula Deen, and let us all get on our knees and thank the Heavens above that never came to fruition. I have angina just visualizing it.

Anyway, this idea makes sense on paper. Moms are the target for all daytime TV, so CBS is right to take “The View” and make the topics more personal, instead of focusing on newsy stuff most moms are probably too harried to care about anyway. Sometimes, it’s nice to turn on the TV and hear from a mom who ALSO has a four-year-old who won’t stop jumping off of desks.

But let’s take a closer look at that panel, shall we? Holly Robinson Peete is married to an ex-NFL player, and almost won “The Apprentice.” Leah Remini is a Scientologist. Sara Gilbert is a lesbian mom. Julie Chen is a cyborg here to destroy us all. And Sharon Osbourne is a lyncanthropic crow that took a human form. Yes, I do believe there could be some arguing between those folks. We’ll see if Remini vs. Osbourne reaches the levels of Hasselbeck vs. O’Donnell. Just listen for the shrieks, and you’ll know.

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