Catalina Island: Throwback New Year’s Eve

Live it up, all the way to midnight and beyond, in the famous Casino Building.

Catalina Chamber of Commerce

HOW DO YOU TYPICALLY DO NYE, in terms of transportation? Do you cab it to a splashy ball, the kind that a swanky hotel might stage? Do you stroll down the block to your neighbor's place and hobnob with the people on your street, vowing to get together far more often in the coming year? Or does your New Year's Eve travel typically involve sauntering between the couch and the refrigerator in order to stock up on snacks as before the big ball drops in Times Square? We all call upon various modes of transportation come the final day of the year, whether that's a taxi or a designated driver if we're imbibing or our own slippers if we're keeping it cozy at home. But hailing a boat, as in a boat that heads out beyond a harbor and onto the open ocean? It isn't a plan that appears on many holiday itineraries. But it can be on yours, if you decide this is the year when you'll greet the new dawn of a new year and a fully fresh start on...

CATALINA ISLAND: It may be about 22 miles off the mainland, but this hilly, bison-beautiful burg can feel a world away, or a time away, especially when you're standing inside the historic and grand Casino Building. The ocean-overlooking Avalon structure will once again be the scene of a live-it-up New Year's Eve party, its 45th go-around at the Casino. Upping the whole "world away, time away" vibe will be the live sounds of The Xceptional Music Company, a Champagne split for each party goer, buffet dinner and dessert, party favors and hats, and a balloon drop when 2017 exits and 2018 sambas into the room. It's black tie optional, but people do get a little fancy, as taking a boat to a New Year's Eve bash is wont to make someone feel a tad posh for the night. A ticket is $185 a person, and they're on sale now. Keep in mind that you'll need to book passage to and from the island, and finding a hotel is a wise idea, too. Where to begin, Avalon-lovin' adventurers? Here.

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