United Kingdom

Pro-Brexit Campaign Fined for Violating UK Spending Rules

Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union in March 2019

Britain's pro-Brexit campaign broke spending rules in the June 2016 vote on whether to leave the European Union and has been referred to the police, NBC News reported.

Vote Leave was slapped with an $80,843 fine for overspending, according to an Electoral Commission ruling Tuesday. Britain is still figuring out how to leave the E.U., scheduled for March 20, 2019, which will bring changes in the country's foreign policy and trade partners.

The Brexit vote was narrowly in favor of leaving and the regulators' ruling brought new calls for a second referendum on Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May's government was plunged into crisis over her plan for how to leave the E.U. It brought a series of resignations from May's Cabinet before narrowly avoiding defeat in the House of Commons Monday.

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