“Avatar” Puts the Hurt on “Hurt Locker,” Takes Best Picture

Wow -- "Avatar" won both Best Director and Best Picture. Incredible.

James Cameron must really want to win at this year's Oscars, because he was laying it on thick in both of his acceptance speeches tonight, more than a decade after he made all of Hollywood cringe with his, "I'm the king of the World!" victory lap at the 1998 Academy Awards.

"I went to the bathroom so I can take my time," Cameron joked, a reference to his early haste in deference to nature's call, before appealing to the room's formidable ego.

"It’s such an exciting evening … this is the best job in the world... Just give it up for yourselves, folks," he said as he clapped his hands.

We'll have to wait some six weeks before we know if this was enough to curry favor with his peers who have not yet submitted their Oscar ballots, which aren't due until Jan. 23.

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