Arnold Has His Comeback Film…And It's not “Terminator”

The April issue of "Entertainment Weekly" declared "He's Back!", but since then, the world has anxiously awaited word on what role, exactly, would constitute former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback role.

And no, the animated Stan Lee thing doesn't count.

The internet was ablaze with rumors that "Terminator 5" was a go - but so far we only have director Justin Lin's ("Fast FIve") word on that.

No, it looks like Arnold's first big role will be a movie called "Cry Macho." Although it sounds like a Telemundo soap opera, it is actually an adaptation of a 1975 novel by author N. Richard Nash.

In "Macho," Schwarzenegger will play a drunk, widowed former big time horse trainer who gets embroiled in a plot to kidnap a small boy, only to have serious second thoughts.

The novel has been out of print for some time, but Nash himself adapted it into a screenplay in 2000. Clint Eastwood was loosely attached to direct at some point, but now it looks as though "The Lincoln Lawyer" director Brad Furman will helm.

Producer Al Ruddy, who recently produced the Oscar-winner "Million Dollar Baby," claimed in a Hollywood Reporter story that the project is very much a go with the Governator in the lead.

"I guarantee that you'll get another look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie," Ruddy said. "Arnold always plays these big muscular guys, but there's a sweetness to Arnold in real life, and we want to bring that sweetness to the screen. Now that Brad's met with Arnold, he's convinced there's an accessibility and vulnerability there that he wants to bring out."

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