Ali Fedotowsky Gives Steve Harvey Tips on Love

Our very own Ali Fedotowsky was one of Steve Harvey's first guests this week on his new daytime talk show on NBC. As the girl who travels the country finding the best places to eat, drink, and play, who better to ask when you're looking for a great date spot? For those who missed the show, here are Ali's tips for a great date across the country.

CHICAGO - Speakeasies and artisanal cocktails are definitely on trend right now in Chi-town. Some great spots are bars like Untitled, The Violet Hour, or The Aviary, where they give cocktails the same attention to details as a chef would at his four-star restaurant. Drive the night's conversation from the incredible drinks and exotic ingredients. And don't worry if you're not in Chicago, this is a good tip wherever you go. Look for places with unusual menus and drinks to keep the conversation going.
LOS ANGELES - These days, food trucks are curbing everyone's appetite especially on the West Coast in LA. There are trucks for every type of cuisine (Jogasaki, Coolhaus, just to name a few of our favs) and the quality is just as good as eating at a restaurant, at a fraction of the cost. In LA, on certain nights, there are gatherings for these trucks, providing plenty of options for you and your date. Take a little bit from here, a little bit from there, and picnic your night away. No awkward silence at the dinner table, this date option is a walk in the park. (If your city is lacking in the food truck trend, you can still turn your dates active with boardwalks, parks, or even appetizers/dinner/dessert all at different locations!)
DALLAS - In Texas, no matter whether you're a guy or a gal, you like yourself some beer. And pop-up beer gardens are doing just that, popping up everywhere at this down-south destination. Locations are usually announced only 24-hours in advance on Facebook or Twitter. And, be sure to bring the green because these bars are typically cash-only. Your date will surely think you're hip and in-the-know because these spots are in one day and out the next, making the night feel even more special. (Downtown Dallas Inc. is one of the hosts bringing these parties weekly to this city.)
MIAMI - New York's not the only city that doesn't sleep. In Miami, with clubs open until 5AM, people expect grub in the wee hours of the night. Try La Sandwicherie, Gigi, and The Corner, a place actually rated as the "Best Place to Meet Single Women 2012" by the Miami Times. In cities that have options for going out around the clock, think outside the box when it comes to date spots. Breakfast, brunch, midnight movies… the options are limitless.
NEW YORK - In New York City, you can go out and virtually do anything. There's never any issue in finding the best restaurant or show for your night out in the Big Apple. But how about escaping the city's hustle and bustle and bring your night-out in for a change. With a tremendous number of specialty wine, cheese, bakeries, etc in every neighborhood, hosting a date at your place is a piece of cake. This dating trend is sort of a take on the popular “staycation,” vacations. Turn it into a party for two, without any serious romantic pressure... unless that’s what you’re going for.
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