A Salute to the Golden Horseshoe Revue

Pay special tribute to the long-running Disneyland favorite.


CLASSIC STAGE SHOW: If you're a lover of the live arts, whether they be comedy, dancing, singing, the playing of stringed instruments or a little of all of the above, you might feel confident or even cocky when it comes to answering this question: Once of the longest-running, open-all-the-time performance venues in Orange County? If you scratched your noggin and really put your head to it, you might alight upon the idea that the place could be inside another place, rather than stand-alone. You might even alight upon the notion that it could be in Frontierland, in Disneyland, and it could have opened in 1955, along with the world's best-known theme park. And then your mind would alight on its name: The Golden Horseshoe.

HISTORIC HORSESHOE: Call it corny, call it clap-along-able, call it a Disney classic: This waterside, rootin' tootin' performance hall has been a cornerstone of the park for nearly 58 years. Betty Taylor and Wally Boag famously performed there -- former Disneyland employee Steve Martin has fondly recalled watching Mr. Boag ham it up on that starry stage -- but so many singers and dancers have passed through its saloon-style doors. It's certainly not just a Disney gem but a California classic, too.

TIME TO PAY TRIBUTE: Disneyland has a special revue on that pays tribute to those early days of the Golden Horseshoe. Look for laughs, songs, and a little old-school entertainment, and look to put your name in at the saloon on the day you visit the park. Seats are already going for this special four-week run. Since tickets are precious for this one, please read all before making for the Magic Kingdom. And with that we give a rousing "giddy up!," given that this is all going down in Frontierland. You're darn tootin', it is.

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