Woman Slams Into 7-Eleven, Hits Customer

The driver didn't stop until she hit the back wall.

A woman lost control of her car Thursday night and crashed into a 7-Eleven, seriously injuring a customer, according to deputies.

Teresa Petersen drove off the roadway, over the sidewalk into the convenience store around 11 p.m. on Rancho Santa Fe Avenue in San Marcos, hitting 31-year-old Carlos Gradilla, deputies said.

“Petersen's vehicle ended up completely inside the 7-11, and did not stop until it struck the rear wall of the business, causing enough damage that a portion of the rear wall was pushed out about one foot from the rest of the wall,” said Lt. M. Marco Garmo.

Several vending machines were destroyed.  

Gradilla was transported to Palomar Hospital to be treated for a possible skull fracture and internal injuries. 

Petersen complained of knee pain.

“A phlebotomist was called to the hospital to obtain a blood sample from Petersen to check for possible DUI,” Lt. Garmo said.

It is unknown what caused Petersen to lose control.

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