What The…?

Take one day off, perhaps to recover from the Fleetwood Mac concert for example, and you'll miss some vital developments in the ongoing seal debacle.

The marine mammal has managed to score a victory, as a federal judge reaffirms an order prohibiting the city from harassing or disturbing the seals.

This means they cannot be moved from their lounging area at the Children’s Pool and I think it’s also quite clear that it means you can’t tease the seals. Do not point and laugh at the seals. Don’t impersonate the seals. Don’t … well you get it.

A local councilmember looking to capitalize on controversy in her district maintains she won’t take this lying down. (She’s going to stick it to those seals if it’s the last thing she does.)

Let's review: city proposed scaring away the seals using taped recordings of barking dogs; Sherri Lightner suggested using real dogs; a federal law protects the seals; and a state law requires the beach to be maintained for public use.

On Monday, a federal judge, and the seals’ personal hero, ruled that a previously issued restraining order against the city which orders that the seals be left alone is still in effect.

But wait there’s more! A bill in Sacramento would change the relationship between cities and the state and give the city the final say. But that bill still has to be passed and signed by the Governator. Whew. I’m out of breath.

At 1 p.m. Tuesday, Lightner will hold a news conference, trying to galvanize support among the people. Imagine rallying cries, perhaps undergarments on fire. Don’t laugh. This is serious seal business.

The seals meanwhile are having a kegger. It is party-on down at the Children’s Pool. For now anyway. On June 9th, the city council will have a public meeting to discuss the seal status and figure out if and how much money, that we don’t have, should be spent on removing nature from the beach.

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