Wealthy Parents Paying for Public School Teachers

Looming budget cuts may prevent practice from continuing

A teacher in La Jolla was slated to lose his job to budget cuts until the Foundation of La Jolla High School ponied up thousands of dollars for his salary, according to a published report.

History teacher Jerry Teller was going to lose his job teaching at La Jolla High School last year when the school's foundation raised thousands of dollars, saving his job, the voiceofsandiego.org reported Tuesday.

"I'm here because of them," Teller told the web site's education reporter, Emily Alpert.

Teller is not alone at La Jolla High. Donors raised more than $500,000 to save several teachers' positions, according to the voiceofsandiego.org. With additional state budget cuts looming, though, private donors may not be able to continue making up the difference.

Read the voiceofsandiego.org's complete story on the practice of privately funding of teachers.

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