WATCH: NCAA Explains New Basketball Rules

WARNING: Do not view this video if operating heavy machinery; it can lead to drowsiness

The Aztecs beat Illinois State in their season opener at Viejas Arena on Friday night. However, the excitement in the sellout crowd of 12,414 was more muted than it normally is.

This game was really hard to watch.

"No flow in the first half because we were not adjusting quickly enough to how the game was called," said Fisher after his team's 71-60 win. "They said, that's what we were told to do."

He's right. The NCAA is concerned with the lack of offense and slow pace of play they've been seeing lately so they made a series of rules changes and got in the faces of their referees, basically saying this is how things are going to be the whole season, call it now and don't let up.

In the SDSU vs. ISU game there were 52 fouls called, leading to 59 free throw attempts (37 of them by the Aztecs). So obviously the new rules are being enforced. But if not everyone is up to speed on the new way of doing things, there might be a good reason.

The NCAA put together a instructional video to explain and educate on the new rules and how they'd be enforced. Here is the entire thing, but I warn you ... it is not exactly riveting.

After seeing that I really can't blame teams for not being up to speed. How could they stay awake long enough to make it to the end of that thing?

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