Volunteers of America Give 100 Backpacks to Children

The backpacks were filled with school supplies for the children.

Volunteers of America Southwest gave out 100 backpacks filled with helpful school supplies to children in Chula Vista Friday morning.

The backpacks were handed out at 11 a.m. at the Palomar Apartments on 171 Palomar St.

The donations were from a program called Success in a Backpack that helps children gain access to the school supplies they need to help them in their schoolwork . Each backpack is paid for with single donations of $22 on their website.

There are 16 million children currently living in the U.S. that will not arrive to their first day of class with essential school supplies, according to the Volunteers of America Southwest. The Success in a Backpack program aims to prevent the children living in the Palomar apartments from becoming part of this statistic.

Palomar Volunteers of America Affordable Housing LP own the apartment complexes where the backpacks were donated. The Palomar Apartments are designed to facilitate the affordable housing needs of moderate to middle income families.

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