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Veteran Charged with Abusing Neighbors' Animals Over 6 Months: PD

The accused is facing multiple felony charges in connection with the abuse of multiple dogs.

A U.S. Navy veteran was ordered to be held on $1 million bond in a case of animal abuse that has spanned six months, Oceanside police said.

David Herbert, an honorably discharged disabled veteran, was arrested Wednesday after a months-long investigation led police to his home.

Herbert is accused of violently abusing his neighbors' dogs over a period of six months, Oceanside Police Department Lt. Val Saadat said. 

He faces five charges of animal abuse, four charges of vandalism, two charges of petty theft and one charge each of residential burglary and using a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony, Saadat said. 

Police have linked Herbert to six reported criminal cases, where two separate residents of the same home were victimized. 

The first case of abuse happened in April when Oceanside police first began investigating a series of criminal events happening on Carino Way. 

A family living at the home decided to move after their two Huskies were assaulted, police said. 

The dogs were poisoned and doused with acid while in an outdoor yard on prior occasions, according to San Diego Animal Advocates president Jane Cartmill.

Soon, new residents moved into the home with their two dogs. 

On May 30, police said, the neighbors reported both their dogs missing from their home. 

A neighbor found one of the dogs and the second, a Golden Retriever named Lala, never came home, police said. 

Police learned Herbert took Lala from the house and believe the dog was subject to a violent assault that left the dog with severe injuries.

Authorities determined Lala, who has not been found, had been assaulted based on evidentiary evidence recovered at the suspect's home. 

The other abused dogs are recovering, Oceanside police said.

Herbert served six years in the U.S. Navy. He does not own or have animals at his home. 

If convicted of the felony charges, he could face up to 16 years in prison. 

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