San Diego

UC San Diego Developing Virtual Reality Lesson Plan

Educators look for ways to enhance learning through virtual reality

Virtual reality is becoming a reality in San Diego classrooms.

A group at the University of California, San Diego are developing prototypes to further engage students in learning.

The group took part in a panel discussion Wednesday night on using virtual reality as part of the lesson plan.

The discussion, which took place at the City of San Diego Central Library, is part of the Sally Ride Science STEAM Series program.

Educators said with virtual reality, students can read about the Roman Coliseum, and also walk through it.

Experts said virtual reality may also be effective in explaining subjects such as engineering, science, and math.

"Most textbooks, it's a 2D interface, all you have is a picture and a bunch of fonts," said Kyle Lee, head mathematician, Nanome, Inc. "But engaging it, twisting a function around and looking at it, zooming in at the interesting characteristics of a particular function, that's when you get the 'ah-ha' moment in education."

Educators hope virtual reality can not only increase visual and technology literacy but also improve students' attention and engagement in the classroom.

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