Two Cases, Two Red Trucks

Investigators in the Amber Dubois case are looking at details in two reported molestations at area Wal-Mart stores

A North County teenager has been missing for 100 days. Now, there's a possible link to a child molestation investigation.

Escondido police have been looking for this truck, caught on surveillance video, near the spot where Amber Dubois was last seen walking to school on February 13, 2009.

A similar truck is now the focus of a search for a man suspected in the molestation of two young girls at Wal-Mart stores.

One incident happened at a Kearny Mesa store, the other in College Grove.

The trucks have a similar color: red or burgundy. Both are full-sized pick-ups, and may have chrome trim and a chrome or steel storage box in the truck bed.

“Whether there's a connection to Amber or not, I feel it's very important that that story gets out there, and that this person's story is aired as much as possible,” said Maurice Dubois, Amber’s father.

No suspect has been named or arrested in any of the cases. However, investigators have released photos of a suspect in the Wal-Mart cases.

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