Woman Accused of ‘Crash and Buy' Car Insurance Fraud

A San Diego woman was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of buying car insurance to cover a crash she caused hours before.

Tamickeua Jones, 30, rear-ended another vehicle last December while driving without insurance, according to the California Department of Insurance (CDI).

Just hours later, she is accused of rushing out to buy an insurance policy. Jones then reported the crash to her insurer minutes after the policy went into effect, the CDI says.

CDI officials believe Jones turned in the dishonest claim to get her company to pay for the crash damage to her car. She was booked into jail on three felony counts of insurance fraud for filing a fraudulent auto claim.

According to the CDI, the “crash and buy” scam is the most common type of insurance fraud in California. Last November, a CDI sweep for netted 35 people in San Diego and 195 across the state.

"People think that they won't get caught. They'll try to purchase insurance and try to file a claim later,” Fraud Investigator Sgt. Greg Lorek said.

Insurance officials estimate insurers lost more than $1 million because of November’s cases. When the companies lose the money, properly insured motorists are charged higher premiums.

“Insurers pass the cost on to consumers, so we all pay for this kind of crime,” Sgt. Lorek said.

Fraudulent claims are a crime but so is driving without insurance in California.

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