Street Racing and Crash Caught on Camera Near 4S Ranch

A surveillance camera captured a street race that ended in a crash near 4S Ranch Tuesday and a student getting on a bus for school witnessed the collision.

A camera set up outside of a resident’s home on 4 Gee Road between Lavender Star Road and Camino Santa Fe captured two vehicles lined up at 8:34 a.m. on Tuesday, May 21.

In the video, a dark-colored compact car is stopped in one lane of traffic and a grey pickup truck with an American flag flying in the bed of the truck is lined up next to the car.

The two vehicles drive down the road at the same time.

The resident who captured the video said his son, a student at a nearby middle school, was getting on a bus with a  group of other students when there was a collision.mond

His son took a picture with his phone of what the father said is one of the racing vehicles.

The California Highway Patrol was called to investigate the collision and is recommending misdemeanor charges for racing, contributing to or assisting in a street race for the two drivers, CHP Officer Jake Sanchez said.

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