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Stray Monroe Video Premiere: ‘Happy Accidents'

Point Loma indie-rock quartet Stray Monroe stay the course on new single "Happy Accidents"

For those of us old enough to remember "The Joy of Painting" (or lucky enough to go on a relaxing Netflix binge now that's streaming), one of life’s true nuggets of wisdom came straight from Bob Ross: “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”

Seems like Point Loma indie-rock quartet Stray Monroe (fka the Hype) has taken the saying to heart. The band’s new single, “Happy Accidents” -- which gets its music video premiere right here on SoundDiego -- has the guys (vocalist/guitarist Blake Imperl, lead guitarist Adam Hakes, drummer Colin Croft, and bassist Brett Kelly) sounding rather wistful over an upbeat Kings of Leon-ish melody and a mournful “Everyone I know / Is slipping away” chorus refrain.

For the young band, who’ve been described as "the Stokes meets Television" by Local 94/9 radio host TJ, the video was a matter of bringing their friends together and telling a story.

“When I was writing the lyrics, I wanted to reflect on the personal struggles that each of us in the band were facing,” according to Imperl. “The song is about growing up and realizing that there is an imminent moment in all of our lives where we will grow distant from many of the childhood friends and memories that we once cherished ... [There is this] notion we are always comparing our own lives to those around us, and feeling like you're falling behind.”

According to Imperl, “Happy Accidents” marks the first single release in a scheduled string of them: "Rather than taking the conventional route of releasing an EP, we plan on putting out a series of singles every month. Not only will this provide constant new material for our listeners, but it will also demonstrate our growth as songwriters."

You’ll be able to catch them -- happy accidents and all -- at the Casbah this Sunday, Sept. 10.

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