Stay Classy Fire Run 2009

San Diegans ran a four-mile run/walk Sunday from La Jolla to Pacific Beach with a party at the end

Eduardo Delgado

There were several incentives Sunday for San Diegans to wake up, slip on their sneakers, tie their laces and head to La Jolla.

The Stay Classy Fire Run 2009 was a four-mile run/walk on an easy, downhill course right on the coast, from La Jolla to Pacific Beach with a party at the end of the race at PB Bar and Grill.

"This is one of the best races of the year as far as we're concerned so we wouldn't miss it, it's a great party at the end," Kit Williams said.

If you and your friends took pictures at the Fire Run post them to So San Diego. You may end up on the homepage! 

There were some old school runners and some first timers.

"This is my first real race since college track and cross country and I loved it. I wasn't planning to race but I ended up racing because I liked it so much," Kristen McGregor said.

Another big incentive for the runners was that a portion of the proceeds from each ticket benefits the San Diego Fire Rescue Foundation, which supports local firefighters, lifeguards and paramedics.

"It's good, because they give a lot to the community, so it's nice to have some of the funding to come back to them and support them," said Dave, who was spending his birthday at the race.

Brian was still feeling the effects of his birthday from the night before but said it was worth getting up this morning to help our heroes.

"I actually used to work up in Rancho Bernardo and especially with all the fires there two years ago… if we're going to do a cause we should do it for those guys," he said.

There was also the thought of a couple of free beers at the end of the race.

"We figured we started last night; we might as well get this out of the way and keep it going," Brian said laughing.

Justin was wearing number 777, a number he considered lucky, but he wasn't thrilled with his time of 27 minutes.

"I think I did ok, I didn't do in the time that I wanted, but I wasn't as rested as I usually am," he said. "I actually love Stay Classy and I do almost all of their events."

Kristin Farmer on the other hand was pretty proud of her performance.

"It went well, I was happy. I don't know exactly how I finished but for myself, decent, it was a good start, I'm happy. Loved the downhill," she said laughing. "The downhill was good, weather was great."

Jessica Price was at the race with her friends Roxy, Lauren and Marissa to support ‘Station One The Big House.’

"My husband is a firefighter so you support the family that you're in as a firefighter," Price said.

If you want to give back but don't know how, Stay Classy has created an easy-to-use way of informing members about volunteer opportunities in their community.

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