Solana Beach Family Hailed as ACA Success Story

When Fearghal Casey learned the president mentioned his father in Tuesday's town hall, he called the experience "cool"

The first person highlighted in President Barack Obama's town hall on the Affordable Care Act Tuesday was a Solana Beach man.

Sean Casey was thrilled to get a call from the White House alerting him to the fact he would be profiled by the president, according to Casey's son.

"He seemed to be real excited," Fearghal Casey said.

From what his father knew he was going to be highlighted in a blog.

Fearghal Casey says his father didn't know about being mentioned in the President's speech.

The young Casey's reaction, "That's pretty cool."

President Obama told the nation that the Casey family paid $30,000 for insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition.

Under ACA, the family's health care costs dropped to $9,000 according to the president.

Fearghal Casy said the family will benefit from Covered California the state's program under the Affordable Care Act saying, "We're saving a whole lot of money. We are being covered more broadly than before with lower deductibles."

Sean Casey was unavailable to talk to NBC 7 because he was serving jury duty.

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