Burglars Target Youth Football League's Snack Shop in Lakeside

The snack shop brings in approximately $7,000 a year—money that is used to run the league

Burglars broke into a youth football league’s snack shop in Lakeside Monday, taking off with treats and damaging the store.

The Lakeside Youth Football and Cheer snack shack is open four days a week for practice and games on the El Capitan High School playing field.

It brings in approximately $7,000 a year—money that is used to run the league.

"I was angry, a little confused, kind of in disbelief,” parent and coach Ben Mathe said.

Photos of the shop after the break-in show many of the treats trampled on or stolen, equipment trashed and the door and lock so damaged they must be replaced.

"They used some sort of chisel or screw driver,” league president John Vance said.

Vance reported the theft to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department but he believes recovering the stolen things is unlikely.

"The money supplies the kids with new updated gear to play with and the equipment they need out on the field,” Vance said.

But a local restaurant has jumped in to help, donating snacks. Parents and volunteers also brought goodies to sell and donated money.

"We're a family. When one of us is in need, that's what we do—we go out of our way to help each other out," Mathe said.

Vance said SDSO investigators have few leads but there are two security cameras on the campus that may have recorded the break-in.

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