San Diego State University

Small Businesses Face Hackers

Pressure to accept many payments

They may not be the top prize but hackers can easily steal personal information from small businesses.  While stores like Target and Home Depot get the big headlines, smaller businesses also have to protect credit card and other financial information.

"Whether you use PayPal, Venmo, your credit card, a debit card, these are all different points that can be breached by hackers," said San Diego State University (SDSU) marketing professor Miro Copic.  

But protecting all that information from hackers isn't easy or cheap.

"That means they have to invest and what traditional retailers have not done is invest," said Copic.

Identity Theft Resource Center President Eva Velasquez said while big time hacker may not target smaller businesses, the threat is still there.

"Traditionally they look for the low hanging fruit and unfortunately small businesses usually have no security," said Velasquez. "They haven't paid any attention to it."

Velasquez says reports of digital breaches continues to grow, "In fact we tracked a 43 percent increase over last year."

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