Slurpees & Shipping: Amazon Comes To 7-Eleven

Amazon Lockers storing online sales

If you are concerned about a valuable package sitting at your front door all day, how about having it delivered to your local 7-Eleven?  That is the solution being offered by online retail giant Amazon. 

"I think it is a brilliant idea," said San Diego State marketing professor Steven Osinski, "Security is a big appeal."

Amazon is setting up metal lockers in 24 hour locations like convenience and drug stores and markets.  Tony Khwaha is a franchise owner of four 7-Eleven stores in San Diego and just added the Amazon Lockers.

"You don't have to wait at home all day long," said Khwaha, "you don't have to be concerned what you are ordering might get stolen."

A shopper can pick the 7-Eleven location during checkout when ordering an item.  There is no extra charge for using the locker.  But there is a size and weight limit of 10lbs.

There are 42 lockers in Khwaha's store.  In the middle of the lockers is a computer screen.  To pick up your item you punch in the code number that you received in an email from Amazon.  The door opens and you're able to pick up your item.  Once it is delivered, you have a limit of three days to pick it up.

Amazon won't say how many of these lockers are being used across the country but they have only been in Tony Khwaja's store for a month. 

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