Sewage Spill Contaminates More of Mission Bay

A landslide caused a 108,000 gallon sewage spill into Tecolote Creek and Mission Bay

After more than 100,000 gallons of sewage seeped into Mission Bay Sunday, San Diego County Department of Environmental Health (DEH) officials announced Thursday they are extending the water closure farther north to prevent anyone from getting sick.

A landslide in Tecolote Canyon broke a main sewer line in the area, adjacent to Mt. Ashmun Drive. The break caused 108,000 gallons of contaminated water to flow into the Tecolote Creek and the eastern part of Mission Bay.

Although the break was stopped by 6 p.m. Sunday, the damage had been done.

Officials initially recommended people stay away from the water from the Fiesta Island bridge north to the Visitors’ Center at Clairemont Drive.

However, when health workers collected samples this week, they found the contamination had traveled north.

The DEH is now closing down water contact at the East Mission Bay boat launch, the northern portion of Fiesta Island and the Campland shoreline.

Warning signs have been posted along Tecolote Creek and affected east Mission Bay beaches. They will remain in place until samples confirm the water is safe.

Crews are collecting water samples from Tecolote Creek and Mission Bay on a daily basis to monitor the sewage impacts. Click here for the county's beach water quality map.

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