Searching for Cheap Gas Prices

Drivers agree: Gas is too expensive

San Diegan Juan Calavario Hernandez spends a lot of time on the road. His delivery business has him driving 600 miles a week.

When gas prices go up, he feels every expensive drop.

“Because I put $80 to $100 of gas, you better shop around,” said Hernandez.

The prices at the pump have been dropping over the past few weeks, but it’s hard to call gas prices averaging $3.87 in San Diego "cheap."

“I’d be happy with $2.75 per gallon, at least so everybody can drive,” said Hernandez.

He’s not alone. Drivers say while it is nice to see prices drop below $4, it is hard to consider prices a good deal until they drop below $3.

Gladys Valdez says as a senior citizen, she can’t afford higher gas prices.

“Maybe $3 a gallon,” said Valdez.

But is $3 cheap? Not according to Eddie Hice.

“Give me $1.19 and I’ll be happy,” Hice declared.

Mary Parisi agrees with most drivers that cheap gas starts under $3.

“It would be nice if it was $2.50 or $2.75,” Parisi said. "That would be reasonable.” 

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