SDPD Seeing Uptick in Fireworks Complaints

Since June 1, the police department has received 221 complaints

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Fireworks complaints seem to be exploding long before the 4th of July this year. You might have heard them in your neighborhood the past few weeks.

While COVID-19 might be canceling many fireworks shows, it sounds like people are finding a way to celebrate earlier than normal, illegally.

"It’s driving me crazy. I’m like scared. I’m like, are those gunshots?" said Brittnie Dixon.  

The American Pyrotechnics Association said retailers have reported record breaking sales from the start.

"It’s pretty loud, but we don't have the baby yet so it hasn't affected us too much," said expecting mother Shannon Suiter.

On social media, there are hundreds of tweets an hour from coast to coast about fireworks. Some mention conspiracy theories too.

The San Diego Police Department confirms they've received 221 fireworks complaints, since June 1. If someone is caught, they can face a $1,000 fine and/or 1 year in jail.

"I think people are just wanting to be reckless. You know we have been on lockdown for so long and now that we're able to break free a little bit, they’re looking for some fun," said Dixon.

SDPD is not seeing an uptick like departments are in New York City and Los Angeles. Officials there are taking steps to stop or slow the illegal sale of fireworks.

Fireworks can also be especially difficult for veterans suffering from PTSD, and family pets.

 "We're also in wildfire season, too, so it’s kind of like, why put something like that at risk, cause even more craziness. Like COVID was already crazy," said Dixon.

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