School District to Pass Out Pink Slips?

The view from Vista Unified School District is looking more than dismal for the next fiscal year, as the district faces a $16 million budget shortfall and district officials have recommended sending out layoff notices to teachers and staff as well as cutting programs to close the gap, the North County Times reported.

Trustees of the district have also recommended making significant cuts to programs and increasing class size in the first through third grades. By increasing those class sizes, the district said it would be able to layoff 120 teachers.

Also at stake are 77 positions in art education, counseling and English language development programs for nonfluent or low-income students. Board President Herrera said receiving a layoff notice, or “pink slip” is not necessarily a death knell.

“There’s no question that some of those people will be brought back,” Herrera told the North County Times. “Every year we pink slip teachers and every year we bring some of them back.”

Middle school sports, elementary school bussing, maintenance upkeep, the Vista Focus Academy and a reading intervention program are also on the chopping block.

Board members will consider cutting back at their meeting on Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. at Foothill Oak Elementary School on 1370 Oak Drive in Vista.

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