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San Diego's Brightest Minds Discuss Artificial Intelligence at UCSD

Could robots take over the world? Some experts say it's a possibility

In the struggle for ultimate power in the future, could humans battle the robots they created for the top spot? 

On Friday, San Diego's best and brightest minds in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity gathered to discuss the future of technology. 

"Robots will acquire the capacity to do things on their own," said Ulrike Schaede, a professor of Japanese Studies at U.C. San Diego. "At this point, engineers are developing the robots and setting up the systems, but engineers are not trained to figure out the ethical, moral, society and political implications." 

That's why, she says, it is important to implement regulations within the next ten years in order to understand what society wants robots to be able to do and not do. 

Other experts discussed "man's trust in machines" and the risks artificial intellgience poses to humanity. 

Could robots take over the world? Schaede warns that it could be possible one day. 

"Right now, no they could not, that's the good news," said Schaede. "But the bad news is robots will at some point acquire the capacity to do things on their own." 

The internet of things, or smart devices like the Amazon Echo, smart refrigerators and smart cars, were also discussed. 

Schaede said it is important to develop good "cyber hygiene" so that hackers cannot get your information. This means not falling for online scams, such as phishing emails, and setting strong passwords. 

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