San Diego

San Diego Police Crank Up ‘Pokemon Go' Theme Song for Players at Balboa Park

San Diego police driving through Balboa Park recently decided to help set the mood for the Pokemon Go trainers roaming the park...And what better way to set the mood than the Pokemon theme song? 

A trainer playing the popular application Thursday recorded a squad car cranking up the Pokemon Go theme song as it rolled through the iconic San Diego spot. 

The move elicited playful laughter from the crowds, who stopped playing the game and looked up from their phones to watch the officer drive through. 

SDPD Lieutenant Scott Wahl said the officers were having fun and connecting with the community. 

"It's a good thing to have a sense of humor with all the negativity that is out there today," said Lt. Wahl.

In the YouTube video's caption, the person said the officer came back and gave out donuts to people in the park. 

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