Burglar Swipes Taco Shop's Candy Machines

Candy was the target for one burglar in National City

A man broke into a taco shop Monday and swiped a rack of candy vending machines, National City Police said.

Police say surveillance video captured the theft inside La Lomita Mexican Grill on East 8th Street near Harbison Avenue.

A man broke through the glass door at the front of the shop at 3:19 a.m. on the Fourth of July, police said.

He was described as a 6-foot tall, African-American man wearing a Boston Bruins long-sleeved shirt. He drove away using a sliver Chrysler with oversized chrome wheels, police said.

The man took six vending machines that were connected in a combination rack, police said.

Anyone with information can contact National City Police through the non-emergency number (619) 336-4400.

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