SD County Gun Owners to Help Women Buy Guns and Learn to Use Them

In San Diego County, some gun owners have organized a program offering to help women purchase a firearm, go through firearms training and get a concealed carry permit. 

“A basic right of women is safety,” said Laura Schwartz. She was one of the gun rights advocates who launched a new campaign called #NotMeSD on Friday. 

“We feel that is always better for women to be able to protect herself if she's being attacked,” she said. 

As part of the initiative, San Diego County Gun Owners is offering to help women purchase firearms and get the paperwork needed to carry a firearm with them for protection when they leave their homes. 

“This is a one-on-one interactive program for women, designed by women and run by the women of San Diego County Gun Owners,” Schwartz said.

She said there will be grants available for women who cannot afford to purchase a firearm.

The group has posted a request form on their website for people looking for more information on the program.

San Diegans For Gun Violence Prevention released a statement in response saying it supports the rights of responsible gun owners, and women firearm owners should know that women are five times more likely to be killed in domestic violence disputes where there is a gun in the home. 

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