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San Diego Companies Highlighted in Super Bowl Ads

NBC Universal, Inc.

Some people like to watch the Super Bowl for the ads and this year San Diegans are putting their mark on some of the commercials.

Singer Nick Jonas is starring in an ad for Dexcom, a company that makes glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes. This is the company’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial.

“It’s just been an incredible partnership with Nick. He’s certainly a global icon,” said Chad Patterson, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Dexcom.

Dexcom is using celebrity power to call for better care for people with diabetes.

In the meantime, another local brand, Cutwater Spirits are using the outdoors to get their message across.

“The ad definitely touches on that outdoor lifestyle. Cutting out with Cutwater. Disconnecting from your phone, taking a hike, jumping in the lake and all that. Surfing, fishing, whatever your outdoor play is,” said Yuseff Cherney, Founder of Cutwater Spirits.

Cherney hopes the ads help make Cutwater Spirits a household name nationwide. When he started as a brewer 30 years ago, he never imagined his company would be part of the Super Bowl.

“To be part of the big game is definitely something that you dream about,” said Cherney.

Another local company in the Super Bowl spotlight is marketing firm Raindrop. The company produced a commercial for Dr. Squatch men’s soap. 

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