San Diego Chargers Target Santa Ana for HQ, Training Fields

The San Diego Chargers released a statement Thursday announcing plans for an interim headquarters and practice facility in Santa Ana in the event they move to Los Angeles.

The NFL has installed a March 23 deadline for the Bolts to make their decision so the league can finalize schedules and all the other business of getting ready for the 2016 season.

Negotiations between the San Diego Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams have halted.  The two teams have been trying to come to an agreement on a move that would allow the Chargers to join the Rams in their new NFL stadium in Inglewood.

Here is the team's full statement:

"This week the Chargers submitted grading and landscape plans for approval by the City of Santa Ana. The plans are for a five-acre parcel in Santa Ana that would be the location of the team’s interim headquarters and training facilities in the event the team exercises its option to relocate to the Los Angeles area. The Chargers were granted the right to relocate to Los Angeles by vote of the NFL’s ownership on January 12, 2016. The franchise is continuing to review all of its options, and no final decision on relocation has been made. It was necessary for the team to submit the grading and landscape plans now because of the long lead time necessary to secure land use approvals and to prepare the natural grass practice fields in time for the team’s offseason workout schedule."

When asked if the team has entered into a lease-purchase agreement for the land, Chargers Special Counsel Mark Fabiani told NBC 7 there would be no details released regarding the transaction. 

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