San Diego Bay Welcomes “Penelope”

Bronze sculpture new addition to San Diego Bay

Next time you're at the Embarcadero, check out the new bronze sculpture there -- It's a piece of Greek mythology that's now part of San Diego.

The six-foot tall woven bronze sculpture was installed Tuesday morning along the San Diego Bay, just north of Sea Port Village. She's called "Penelope", the wife of Odysseus, from the ancient Greek work, "The Odyssey".  

It was sculpted by Fallbrook artist Michael Stutz who said that Penelope was the most patient wife in history, having waited for Ulysses for 20 years. Stutz also said that he's pleased with his work of art.

"I've always felt like it was very close to my heart," said Stutz. "I've been to Greece and my community has been a part of making this up."

Stutz made the sculpture by interlacing bronze strips, then welding them together. He first presented the idea to the Port of San Diego about two years ago. The Port of San Diego says there are plans to develop a new park at the site where "Penelope" now sits, in late 2010.

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