San Diego Airport Unveils Remodel Proposals

Four different proposals to revamp San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 1 were unveiled on Thursday.

The airport’s authority board reviewed the four ideas, which include a linear look, a satellite look (with one of the concourse being accessed by a pedestrian bridge), a courtyard setting or an open-air courtyard.

After receiving input from the public, business and community leaders, board officials say the open-air courtyard concept is the most popular. They say it has a compact and efficient look and the open-air setting would be unique to San Diego.

The board hopes to decide on one of the concepts by the end of the year. The planning period will conclude in 2017 and groundbreaking and construction won't begin until a finance plan has been determined.

The airport development plan, not including the building and construction, will cost $6.5 million and will be paid by airport revenues and not taxes.

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