San Diego

San Diegans Protest Over Electric Scooters

Dozens of San Diegans gathered along the boardwalk in Mission Beach Saturday to protest against electric scooters -- a mode of transportation seen often these days on the stretch of sidewalk along the beach community.

They gathered in an effort to get electric scooters banned from all city sidewalks because they believe it is dangerous to public safety.

“You have difficulty because you never know when you're going to get hit, how about walking out of a store here in Mission Beach and having a scooter wiz by you. It's just ridiculous,” said Mike Niel, a Mission Beach Resident.

Led by members of the Mission Beach Town Council, protestors want to get the attention of all San Diego City Council members in advance of Tuesday's big scooter meeting.

Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer released a set of proposed regulations for dockless scooters back in February. These include limiting the maximum speed of motorized scooters in designated zones, vehicle staging and parking, rider education, data sharing, fees and legal indemnification for the City of San Diego. City council will debate these regulations Tuesday at 2p.m.

Members of MBTC believe council members from other districts don't truly understand the situation here - but to get the scooters banned from sidewalks they'll need a council majority.

“We got to ban together here and I know the juror of San Diego will be favorable because everyone has experienced some bad things," said Niel.

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