Suspect Hides Atop Roof in Standoff

Suspect hides out in the open on the roof of a nearby home

A man wanted on a felony warrant decided to hide from police on a roof.

Just after midnight Wednesday, officers responded to the 7800-block of La Mesa Boulevard for what was reported as street fighting.

Officers say the group was videotaping the fight.

“A fight club if you will,” said La Mesa Sgt. Jim Huggins.

One of those involved was David Prost, a transient who was wanted on an unrelated felony.

He ran from police and was found up on the roof of a home several blocks away on Culowee Street.

Firefighters loaned their ladder to police and Prost was coaxed down and then taken into custody on the warrant.

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, San Diego State University police and El Cajon Police Department’s K-9 also responded.


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