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$1,000 Puppy Abandoned

Puppy suffered a broken leg, owner abandoned it weeks after purchase



    $1,000 Puppy Abandoned
    Parker, shown above, is wearing a cast for his broken leg.

    A $1,000 puppy was abandoned after the owner could not pay for veterinary fees, according to San Diego Animal Services.

    The owner said the small dog broke a leg after falling off the couch and he couldn’t afford veterinary care, which included orthopedic surgery. He abandoned the dog where he thought it might find help.

    The puppy was brought to a Carlsbad shelter by a woman who said an acquaintance had left the injured pup on her porch. Animal Services contacted the original owner and learned the young man had paid $1,000 for the designer "boggle" dog — a Beagle/Boston Terrier mix.

    “It’s a tragedy when people looking to add a new four-legged family member spend an exorbitant amount at a pet shop when County shelters are overcrowded with wonderful purebred and mixed-breed dogs that need homes,” said Dawn Danielson, Director of County Animal Services.

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    Animal Services paid for the puppy’s surgery with a donation fund. The dog was named Parker and will be available for adoption in a few weeks.