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Undocumented Immigrants Cross by Border Wall Prototypes: CBP

U.S. Border Patrol officials said the area is a popular place for illegal crossings

As crews finish up border wall prototypes, agents continue apprehending undocumented immigrants inside the actual construction zone.

Most recently, five Nepali citizens hopped the 7-foot fence Thursday and turned themselves into U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents near the construction site.

Three men and two women, between ages 19 and 30, requested asylum from their country by claiming credible fear of return.

CBP officials said they do not track apprehensions by location, so they couldn't confirm exactly how many similar incidents have occurred near the construction zone. But agents said they have detained others in the same area.

U.S. Border Patrol Supervisory Agent Mark Endicott said the region around the construction site is a popular crossing because it's close to Tijuana and the climbable wall, meant mainly for stopping vehicles, is the only physical barrier.

The larger secondary wall stretches about 13 miles from the coast and ends just before the construction zone.

Eight border wall prototypes under consideration for final approval must be completed by next Thursday.

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