Pig Pilferers Admit They Poached the Bacon

The surveillance video was all over the news and the Internet. Now a couple of crooks admit yes -- it was them.

Oren Hertz, 34, and Armando Cesena, 35, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Superior Court to grand theft for stealing a $15,000 bronze statue of a pig outside a Chula Vista restaurant.. Hertz also pleaded guilty to receiving a stolen vehicle.

Prosecutors say video surveillance footage April 5 caught the men ramming the bronze porker, which sat next to a sign outside Miguel's Cocina, with their pickup truck to knock it off its base and snatch it.

The pig was returned 12 days after it was stolen, wrapped in a blanket.

Cesena faces up to a 270-day jail sentence, and Hertz faces up to five years in prison, if convicted.

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