PETA Protest Ends Up a Traffic Jam

PETA activists lined Sea World Dr. on Saturday morning to protest "the daily suffering and premature deaths of the orcas" at the park, blocking traffic for miles.

Four people dressed up in orca costumes laid across the middle of the street blocking traffic, angering park patrons who wanted to drive into the park. The costumed activists came dangerously close to being hit by several cars.

Traffic was backed up for miles due to the demonstration, several motorists shouted profanities as the finally made their way past.

Three of the costumed whales were eventually asked to move by police, but they refused. Officers had to carry them out of the street.

Organizers said they want people to boycott marine mammal parks like Sea World.

"Life at SeaWorld is no life at all for the Orcas and the other animals that are held captive here," said PETA campaign manager Lindsay Rajt.

Rajt says in the wild, Whales and other dolphin species swim up to 100 miles per day.

SeaWorld management says those PETA's allegations are untrue.

"The allegations of the protesters are, as always, baseless and utterly false," said SeaWorld Director David Koontz said in a statement. "There is no organization more passionately committed to the physical, mental and social care and well being of animals than SeaWorld. You need look no further than the life-saving medical treatment we're providing to the green sea turtle rescued from San Diego Bay that is currently in our care. It's once again disappointing that PETA spends most of its time engaging in publicity stunts vice actually helping animals. "

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