Woman, 25, Falls to Death at Sunset Cliffs

The graduate student was visiting her sister, who witnessed the accident

A Chicago graduate student posing for a picture fell to her death at a popular tourist destination along the coast of San Diego Sunday evening, according to police.

Police say 25-year-old Anna Bachman fell between 40 and 50 feet down the coastal cliffs known as Sunset Cliffs west of downtown.

Police, firefighters and lifeguards responded to a cliff rescue on Ladera Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard around 5:30 p.m.

Bystanders, including two nurses, rushed down the cliffs and performed CPR, but were unable to revive Bachman.

Bachman is from Cotati in Sonoma County but was working on her master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was in San Diego visiting her sister, who was with her at the time of the fall.

At this time, police do not believe alcohol was involved.

"All indications are this was just a terrible, tragic accident," San Diego Police Lt. Paul Phillips said.

Police shut down streets in the area as crews retrieved the body. Crisis counselors were also called for the victim's sister and for people who witnessed the horrific accident.

Sunset Cliffs is a dangerous stretch of jagged coastline known to attract tourists and locals alike.

The stretch of cliffs bordering the ocean in San Diego's Point Loma neighborhood is a popular spot for recreation and watching the sunset.

Resident Alycia Van Dover says people don't understand how dangerous the cliffs can be.

"I haven't see anyone fall off a cliff, but I have seen people get way too close," Van Dover said.

"My worry is they're ignorant about how the cliffs work. Some of them are overhangs and if you get too close, you don't want it to erode underneath you," she added.

Phillips emphasized the need for caution when visiting the cliffs.

"You never know if there is some moisture on the rocks or what the case may be, but you've got to be careful," he said.

Bachman was seeking a Masters Degree in Urban Planning at University of Illinois at Chicago, according to school officials.

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