Padres FanFest Takes Over Petco Park

Padres Fans Prepare for Opening Day

With Opening Day just a heartbeat away, Padres fans rushed into Petco Park for FanFest. The two day affair offering San Diegans a chance to see all the work that’s gone into revamping Petco Park as well as a glimpse at the team and the season ahead. Dave Halavac is a life long Padres fan and is excited for the start of the season. “I have season tickets this year so I could go to the all-star game. Baseball’s like my whole life man. I love it.” says Halavac, “It’s the best part about life man. Just coming out to the ball park, catching baseballs, and watching them play. It’s the best game in the world.”

The fans are dedicated and the players, even the former ones say they appreciate the love. We caught up with former Padre Randy Jones while he was signing a few autographs and he shared his thoughts on the season saying, “You know right up there. The great fans, the enthusiasm approaching opening day, you know it’s always excitement in seeing how the team’s going to fair but overall the true fans come on out and it’s great to see them.”
The start of the season brings new hopes for the team. With a new skipper at the helm and fresh faces on the roster, fans are ready to take in America’s past time in America’s finest city.

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