Can You Believe This #@*~!?!

Can one SoCal city go without cussing for a week?

The City of Angels is taking a heavenly approach to cussing, at least for one week. The idea is the brainchild of Hatch McKay, 15.  His No Cussing Club meets at South Pasadena High School on Wednesdays.  He has taken his idea to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, who vote March 3 to issue a proclamation that would make the first week in March No Cussing Week.

Can a city of more than 10 million live without their four-letter words if only for one week? Maybe somebody should check with Christian Bale

"It's a good reminder for all of us, not just young people but everybody, to be respectful to one another and watch the words we use," said County Supervisor Michael Antonovich's spokesman, Tony Bell.

Hatch aims high for his expletive-free dream. 

"Next year, I want to try to get California to have a cuss-free week," Hatch said. "And then, who knows? Maybe worldwide."

Will Hatch's movement change the way people express themselves?  Probably not, but he he's working on it, one expletive at a time.

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