Oceanside Fire Department Welcomes 17 Babies in One Year

There are some new additions to the department

The Oceanside Fire Department set a record with 17 babies born to wives of firefighters from July 2017 to July 2018. 

"This is the most babies at one time we've ever had," said Fire Captain Tim Scott of the Oceanside Fire Department on Wednesday.

Scott said after a different fire department posted about the number of babies born to them that year, Oceanside decided to count their numbers. 

The 17 babies are from 17 mothers, with no twins in the mix. The families are thrilled their children will be able to grow up together. 

Oceanside Fire Department has 8 stations. When the department is fully staffed, there are about 100 members. 

Scott adds they have not been fully staffed lately and have about 90 members at the department right now. 

"That's nearly 20 percent of our workforce with babies," Scott added. 

The families got together in October to take a group photo and celebrate the births. 

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