New Website Informs San Diego Community College Students about Jobs

A community college website provides students with information about middle-skill level jobs available in San Diego.

A new website launched by California Community Colleges is designed to help students explore middle-skill job opportunities in San Diego and Imperial County.

Middle-skill employment does not require a complete four-year degree but does ask for some education beyond high school.

In 2017 the San Diego and Imperial Counties Community Colleges Association (SDICCA) found that almost 40 percent of jobs in San Diego were middle-skill level. The median hourly wage for these jobs was $22.10.

The new website,, states there are currently 40,000 job openings at this skill level. Some of the industries with the greatest need for workers include manufacturing, energy, health, biotechnology, and agriculture.

Students searching the website can enroll in prerequisite programs and educational classes based on the industry that interests them.

“Good-paying, middle-skill job openings will only continue to grow in our region, and Career Education offers specific training and employer connections that will help students get these jobs,” said Danene Brown, chair of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Workforce Development Council.

There are ten colleges throughout both counties that offer middle-skill educational opportunities. Some of the colleges in San Diego are Grossmont, Cuyamaca, Palomar, and Miracosta.

Students interested in Career Education classes can research the different programs offered on the website and apply. There are also directions for international students looking to apply to the same programs.

“ is part of the community colleges’ ongoing effort to connect people with programs that will close the growing labor skill gap in our region,” said Brown.

Career Education training starts at $46 per credit for California residents. Prospective students also have the opportunity to apply for federal and state aid or grants.

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