New Water Pumping Station to Save Money: Officials

A new water pumping station in San Marcos is expected to be a cost savings, officials said Monday at the opening celebration. 

The San Elijo Pump Station and connects two water systems that provide water to most of the North County, the Olivenhain Municipal Water District and Vallecitos Water District.

 It cost more than $2 million to connect the two districts that were not joined despite being so close. 

The two districts serve residents from Carlsbad to Cardiff, San Marcos and 4S Ranch. 

The new pump station is located right in between the two. It’s able to move water back and forth which allows the districts to share resources and save money. 

“We're able to give them a better rate because we're so close. So we're able to buy the untreated water, treat it at our plant, and sell it back to Vallecitos that's beneficial to them, that's good for us. And in the end, ratepayers from both districts benefit,” said Lawrence Watt with the Olivenhain Municipal Water District. 

Officials say the two water districts will save $500,000 a year because of this pump station.

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