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New Law Requires Doctors to Verbally Disclose Probation for Certain Wrongdoings

One of several new laws implemented July 1 of this year is bringing transparency to the forefront of doctor-patient relationships.

Now that the Patient Right to Know Act is in effect, doctor are required to inform patients, in person, if they are on probation for serious wrong doing like sexual misconduct with a patient. It also includes drug abuse that harmed a patient, a criminal conviction related to patient care, and inappropriate prescribing that harmed a patient.

The new law covers doctors who are put on probation starting July 1.

The best source for information about your doctor is the Medical Board of California’s website, but it takes time and patience to use that resource.

Patient advocates say the disclosure gives you the option of talking with your doctor about that discipline or leaving their office and finding a new provider.

Patients will sign a form showing the doctor had disclosed any punishment, and doctors must keep those forms on file for possible inspection by the medical board.

The new law also applies to chiropractors, podiatrists, acupuncturists, and other health care professionals.

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