San Ysidro

Misstep Costs Ice-Cream Man His Life

The 86-year-old had just said goodbye to his wife on the phone when he stumbled in the street and was hit by a charter bus

Generic image of police sirens.

There was little that could be done for an elderly man who stumbled in the street and was run over by a bus on Friday night not far from the U.S.-Mexico border, according to the office of the San Diego County Medical Examiner.

Eliseo Salgado Mamahua had just parked his ice-cream truck in the 500 block of San Ysidro Boulevard and finished a phone call with his wife when he got out of the truck and started to cross the street. Witnesses said the 86-year-old man stumbled in the road, however, and that misstep cost him his life.

Mamahua was struck by a charter but, then dragged under the vehicle. Investigators said the driver stopped the bus as quickly as he could, and 911 was called.

First responders, however, including paramedics and San Diego police officers, were unable to save Mamahua, who was declared dead at 6:45, just six minutes after he was hit be the bus.

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